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May 2019

A happy dog is a tired dog! Thank you for your services!! What a blessing.


Laguna beach


June 2020

CeCe’s training approach is simple and clear. We saw results immediately. It takes work though it’s worth it.

Tom S. and Dino

Laguna beach


September 2020

It took me 3-4 sessions to realize CeCe was actually training me! Thank you for your patience.

Lulu and Sammy

Laguna beach


January 2021

Our dogs behavior calmed down with C2’s structured pack runs. It’s been 3 years now of consistent exercise and socializing. It’s made a huge difference.

Annie P and Taco

Laguna beach


February 2021

It’s nice seeing someone with such passion. CeCe’s trustworthy and really cares about each dog. They are her family.

Steve frank

Laguna beach

March 2021

Cece has helped me learn to sit, stay and come when I'm called. I don't pull on my leash and I'm getting better about not jumping when I greet someone. This makes my mom happy and I get lots of good boy treats.

Bisbee (1year old miniature poodle)

Laguna Beach 



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